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Discover how True Classic's influencer campaign skyrocketed brand awareness and sales by tapping into passionate niche communities.

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Introduction: Discover how True Classic's influencer campaign drove significant brand awareness and sales by targeting niche audiences who genuinely loved their premium men's T-shirts.

Client Background: True Classic specializes in crafting premium men's T-shirts that combine softness, slim-fit design, and versatility. Known for their meticulous material selection and exceptional fit, their products are suitable for various occasions.

Objectives: The primary objectives of this campaign were to boost brand awareness and increase sales for True Classic's premium men's T-shirts.

Execution: Stride Social carefully selected influencers who epitomized the ideal True Classic customer, focusing on niches like surfing and skateboarding. By partnering with creators who resonate with the brand’s target audience, we ensured authentic and relatable content. These influencers created engaging videos showcasing their genuine appreciation for True Classic's products, highlighting the T-shirts' comfort, fit, and versatility.

Results: The campaign was a tremendous success, generating fantastic results. The carefully chosen niche influencers not only drove high engagement but also expressed their genuine love for the product, becoming loyal customers themselves. The campaign effectively increased brand awareness and sales, solidifying True Classic’s reputation in the market. Influencers involved in the campaign continue to support and promote True Classic, ensuring ongoing brand loyalty and advocacy.

At Stride Social we strive to bring the very best results to the brands we work with. Whether it's through our unique services or our hand picked creator roster. Our expertise comes from our unique story and if you would like to work with us on your campaign, then get in touch.

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working with Ollie and Alex at stride social has been amazing! thier knowledge of the influencer industry is vast and their work is impeccable. we can't wait to work with them again soon.  

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