About us
About us
About us

Stride Social is a superior creator management & influencer marketing agency, started by two best friends

WHO are stride social?


Industry experience combined
21 years
Paid to influencers in 2023

Alex Hendy


Ollie Kitson

Co-founder | Background in building ecom brands


Meet the 2 co-founders of Stride Social Alex & Ollie.

We first met in school back when we were only 12 years old, After many years of being friends and playing sports together, we realised we both had an entrepreneurial side. We both struggled in school with learning difficulties. So we choose a different path.

We started this agency because we both had passion and experience in this area, Alex with TikTok and Ollie with his e-commerce empire. When we realised that the 2 skills work perfectly together we created Stride Social.

See our journey to this point below, it's something we are very proud of and, we feel, what makes us stand out as one of the best influencer marketing agencies going"
OUR timeline

Our experience in this industry is what makes us the best


Alex starts his tiktok career and it blows up

Alex started creating content on YouTube and sort of learned that he really enjoyed creating content, so he kept at it for a few years. He filmed Minecraft videos on his mum's iPad and then TikTok launched. He quickly started uploading content every day and his content blew as TikTok started gaining in popularity, to this day he has over 5.7 million followers on his page.

Meanwhile, Ollie was building his own e-commerce brands. During this time he was learning the importance of having a strong brand presence and Marketing Strategy. Very quickly it became apparent about the importance of having a diverse marketing strategy and how important content had become in this emerging market..

Stride social  agency is born

Alex and Ollie left sixth form with no direction on what they both wanted to do with their lives. Many of their friends wanted to go to university or go on a gap year, but they both wanted to work on a project and build something, so they started building Stride Social.

They worked hard to build the foundations of a talent agency that would help influences with a few key services. Alex tried university for a few weeks but dropped out as he couldn't cope with university life and running a business at the same time.

Talent management

After a year of working with Influencers and Alex’s personal experience they learned what influencers wanted from a Talent Agency, which was experience. They focused on creating their company values to improve the Influencer's experiences when being signed. They helped creators build brands around their social media channels to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and clients they had always dreamed of working alongside

Stride Social creates an influencer marketing department

They quickly realised they should open up the agency to include an influencer marketing offering, which focuses on helping product-based companies work with product review creators.

They identified that there is a market in helping companies overseas work with influencers in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Everything comes together

They became the first influence marketing agency in the UK dedicated to e-commerce and Amazon brands. A new market with huge growth.

At this point their first opportunity to sponsor a huge event comes up and they jump at the chance to sponsor the Influencer Marketing Show in London.

Looking to the future

Fast forward to 2024, and the 2 school friends have generated over $2 million for their talented bunch of creators and have their eyes set on an epic new project that's going to shake up the entire creator economy scene (again)