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Discover how Meta's innovative influencer campaign for the Meta Quest captivated millions, driving new customer acquisition and brand awareness.

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Introduction: Discover the secrets behind Meta's successful influencer marketing campaign that propelled the launch of their groundbreaking virtual reality product, the Meta Quest. Learn how leveraging the right influencers can capture new customers and skyrocket brand awareness in the competitive tech sphere.

Client Background: As one of the world's largest social media giants, Meta aimed to revolutionise the virtual reality experience with the introduction of their innovative Meta Quest. To achieve maximum impact, Meta's influencer marketing strategy focused on creating captivating, informative videos that showcased the Meta Quest's cutting-edge capabilities, attracting new customers and heightening brand recognition.

Objectives: With the launch of the Meta Quest, our primary objective was to create a fun yet informative video that showcased the product's capabilities, aiming to attract new customers and enhance brand awareness.

Execution: Stride Social collaborated with Product Review creators, whose audiences perfectly matched the target demographic for the Meta Quest. These influencers produced engaging content that effectively demonstrated the Meta Quest's features and benefits, presenting the product in an appealing and relatable manner.

Results: The campaign was highly successful, generating over 1.1 million views, 134,000 likes, and 6,000 shares. The strategic use of influencers not only boosted brand awareness but also drew in a substantial number of new customers, solidifying the Meta Quest's presence in the market.

At Stride Social we strive to bring the very best results to the brands we work with. Whether it's through our unique services or our hand picked creator roster. Our expertise comes from our unique story and if you would like to work with us on your campaign, then get in touch.

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working with Ollie and Alex at stride social has been amazing! thier knowledge of the influencer industry is vast and their work is impeccable. we can't wait to work with them again soon.  

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